On the fringe

San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Linda Lofthus, in a hearing this afternoon regarding the unsealing of documents in the Sandra Cantu case, mainly grisly autopsy photos: “Once published, it goes viral,” she said. Lofthus had a very difficult, emotional decision to make today. One of the major undercurrents recently in the case, since Melissa … Continue reading On the fringe

I am not smarter than a fifth grader

So with photographer Glenn Moore out today, I was pressed into action. Not to take pictures of a fire, a car accident, or even an adorable kitten. I covered Bohn Elementary's first "Science Fair," which was actually pretty cool. Kids there were playing with dry ice, dissecting frogs (that formaldehyde smell really brought me back … Continue reading I am not smarter than a fifth grader

California dreamin’

Dreams, as they say, open a window into your soul. Working in a newsroom, as I've discovered, opens a window into your id. The recent rash of gang violence in Tracy over the past couple months has had commenters on our Web site freaking out, citizens concerned, police on the lookout and, in all honesty, … Continue reading California dreamin’

A-Tweet-ion spans

A little circle of irony here: I found a poignant article about how Twitter is destroying journalism and the ability to read stories longer than 140 characters on the Newspaper Escape Plan Twitter feed. A brief snippet of that story, which really merits a full read: A few months ago, I sat across a cafe … Continue reading A-Tweet-ion spans