Bad baseball players

Wins Above Replacement, WAR, is a stat showing basically how much better a certain player is than an average, replacement-level player. Click here for a better explanation. Basically, a 0.0 WAR player is no better or no worse than the everyday player. He won't make an All-Star team, but he's hitting above the Mendoza Line. … Continue reading Bad baseball players

My All-Star picks

This is a fun little exercise, especially since each team has to have at least one representative. The All-Star rosters will be announced tomorrow. They had things called "campaign managers" for players... such as Eric Chavez (.234 BA, 31/8 K/BB in 33 games as DH?) and Brandon Wood (.179 BA, .199 OBP). Starters: American League … Continue reading My All-Star picks

Have glove, will travel

Knuckleballers are a funny sort. They usually have designated catchers. Jason Varitek, a 3-time All-Star catcher for the Red Sox, doesn't catch longtime Boston knuckleballer Tim Wakefield. He struggles to catch the knuckleball, so usually, Boston has the backup catcher behind the plate when Wakefield pitches. It's probably the hardest pitch in baseball to catch. … Continue reading Have glove, will travel


That 99 mile-per-hour fastball with English wasn't always there. Neither was the slider that buckled knees nor the changeup that made batters flinch. Stephen Strasburg didn't always have the cool confidence to take down Major League* hitters. *OK, OK, those 14 batters he struck out were Pittsburgh Pirates, but still... He learned those things from … Continue reading Strasburg


Who is Tiger Woods? Until a couple weeks ago, that question could be answered very differently. A couple weeks ago, Tiger is Nike. Tiger is Gatorade. Tiger is General Mills. Tiger is Buick. Tiger is American Express. Tiger is Titleist. Tiger is Gillette. Tiger is EA Sports. Tiger is Accenture. Tiger is a red shirt … Continue reading Tiger™

Little bit of this, little bit of that

I don't really have much for a long blog post, so I'm going to come at you semi-Scott Ostler style... - I realized a painful bit of information during the whole Michael Jackson cardiac arrest/heartattack/coma/death saga. People don't really care where the information comes from, so long as they have it. Since I'm a journalism … Continue reading Little bit of this, little bit of that