My baseball list

Motivated by a friend's Facebook post, where she wrote about all of the baseball stadiums she's been to — an impressive list, 18 out of 30 — I figured I'd do the same. Mine isn't quite as lengthy, but here goes. Network Associates Coliseum/McAfee Coliseum/Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum: "(Oakland) is this kind of town: You have … Continue reading My baseball list

I am not smarter than a fifth grader

So with photographer Glenn Moore out today, I was pressed into action. Not to take pictures of a fire, a car accident, or even an adorable kitten. I covered Bohn Elementary's first "Science Fair," which was actually pretty cool. Kids there were playing with dry ice, dissecting frogs (that formaldehyde smell really brought me back … Continue reading I am not smarter than a fifth grader

Blind baseball

No, this post has nothing to do with umpires. I heard about the Stockton Stingrays last year, a group that plays beep baseball, at a Stockton Ports game where they were special guests and one of their players threw out the ceremonial first pitch. The Stingrays, organized by the Community Center for the Blind and … Continue reading Blind baseball

American Idol

My distaste of American Idol stems from a cold Saturday morning outside of Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Yes, it occasionally gets cold in San Diego. Thousands upon thousands of people were lined up around the stadium for the initial auditions. Some people were legit. Some were probably OK, karaoke superstars. Then there was the … Continue reading American Idol

Pics: Ports vs. Giants

You know, between the moderate isolation from most of my friends and family and the severe heat, I wonder why I moved here. Then I realized last night that I am within driving distance of a bunch of ballparks: Oakland, San Francisco, Stockton (A-Oakland), Sacramento (AAA-Oakland), Modesto (A-Colorado) and San Jose (A-San Francisco). One of … Continue reading Pics: Ports vs. Giants