Parasite, meet host

I have a love-hate relationship with craigslist. I love reading through the "best of" posts. I usually look for my housing through the site. I've been known to buy tickets to concert and games through craigslist. On the flip side, I hate the free advertising, for my own selfish reasons. I hate the way people … Continue reading Parasite, meet host

American Idol

My distaste of American Idol stems from a cold Saturday morning outside of Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Yes, it occasionally gets cold in San Diego. Thousands upon thousands of people were lined up around the stadium for the initial auditions. Some people were legit. Some were probably OK, karaoke superstars. Then there was the … Continue reading American Idol

A-Tweet-ion spans

A little circle of irony here: I found a poignant article about how Twitter is destroying journalism and the ability to read stories longer than 140 characters on the Newspaper Escape Plan Twitter feed. A brief snippet of that story, which really merits a full read: A few months ago, I sat across a cafe … Continue reading A-Tweet-ion spans