Cardinal sin

There are some things most credible journalists just know: 1. It's called deadline for a reason. 2. More than, not over. 3. The press pass around your neck means you're here working, not to be a fan. Apparently, some credentialed media members at Sunday's Bengals/Broncos preseason game forgot that last one. A photographer and a … Continue reading Cardinal sin

Bennet Omalu

Kind of a cool moment (well, as cool a moment as can be had during a hearing about a homicide) yesterday. One of the experts who testified at the hearing was Bennet Omalu, whose name sounded really, really familiar. As he was talking about the autopsy of the man who died during an October shooting … Continue reading Bennet Omalu


1st Quarter 3:31 p.m.: I just realized. Rooting for the Saints to succeed means rooting for Jeremy Shockey to succeed. What to do? 3:35 p.m.: Does anyone look threatening with the arms-crossed pose? 3:37 p.m.: Pierre Garçon, one of my favorite football names. 3:38 p.m.: Dear #74. You are not Peyton Manning. Please stop looking … Continue reading XLIV-blogging

The lunchbox story, unedited

So I was digging through some old files on my computer earlier today, when I found probably the greatest story I've ever written. I've tried to compile something as great as this, but I haven't yet. This is the story of the offensive line of El Cajon Valley High School, nestled away in East County, … Continue reading The lunchbox story, unedited