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Some sites I visit regularly:

Athletics Nation – A blog about my favorite baseball team, the Oakland A’s.

Deadspin – A sports blog. Pretty funny.

Tracy Press – My paper. Click “Our Town.” – Lots of great people on this site. I go here to keep an eye on the sports media world.

Kissing Suzy Kolber – Hilarious football blog. Sometimes NSFW.

What Journalists Like – In the similar vein of “What White People Like.” Yes, I like drinking. No, I do not like corrections. – I’ve got to keep up with what my alma mater, San Diego State, does.

Straight Cash Homey – A blog about funny/bad sports jerseys that people wear in public.

ESPN – By now, you’ve probably guessed that I like sports.

San Diego Union-Tribune – My former employers. There are some great people working for that paper.

Hulu – I love catching up with The Office and The Simpsons and other shows.

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