On Tim Wakefield and the knuckleball

I remember the first time I became aware of the knuckleball. I was playing All-Star Baseball 99 on the N64. I didn't really know much about baseball, but I liked the Oakland A's because they were the local team. And I already pretty much knew I'd never be able to root for Barry Bonds. One … Continue reading On Tim Wakefield and the knuckleball

Why I’m not rooting for the Giants

OK, I'm starting to get a little tired of the premise that because I live in the Bay Area, because I largely grew up in the Bay Area, that I am a fan of a Bay Area team, I should root for the Giants to win the World Series. Sure, San Francisco fans. A valid … Continue reading Why I’m not rooting for the Giants

Cardinal sin

There are some things most credible journalists just know: 1. It's called deadline for a reason. 2. More than, not over. 3. The press pass around your neck means you're here working, not to be a fan. Apparently, some credentialed media members at Sunday's Bengals/Broncos preseason game forgot that last one. A photographer and a … Continue reading Cardinal sin

My All-Star picks

This is a fun little exercise, especially since each team has to have at least one representative. The All-Star rosters will be announced tomorrow. They had things called "campaign managers" for players... such as Eric Chavez (.234 BA, 31/8 K/BB in 33 games as DH?) and Brandon Wood (.179 BA, .199 OBP). Starters: American League … Continue reading My All-Star picks


That 99 mile-per-hour fastball with English wasn't always there. Neither was the slider that buckled knees nor the changeup that made batters flinch. Stephen Strasburg didn't always have the cool confidence to take down Major League* hitters. *OK, OK, those 14 batters he struck out were Pittsburgh Pirates, but still... He learned those things from … Continue reading Strasburg

Name game

When I'm working on a feature about a player, I love reading the player bios (usually a college athlete in this instance). Not only do I look to see how many student-athletes major in Kinesiology or Communication, I enjoy finding the interesting little tidbits. Like how a player enjoys going fishing in the offseason or how … Continue reading Name game