Sports writing

So, for now, I’m a sports writer again.

Last week, I filled in for the Tracy Press’ news editor, and luckily, nothing big happened. No shootings, no robberies, nothing of the sort. Now, I’m subbing for the paper’s sports editor, who is taking a much-deserved break.

As I was driving home last night, I just realized how great it feels to be back in sports. Now, when I hear about someone bringing a gun onto campus, it’s to see how fast a pitcher is throwing. Covering a bunch of games at once is stressful, but overall, I know I can handle it. There’s always another day. I covered a soccer game (well, three) last night, and just enjoyed watching them play. I forgot how relaxing that is. When I’m covering a court hearing, I was always so stressed out, worried that I might miss something.

Don’t get me wrong, I was still watching closely. But I was able to do it outside on a beautiful day. I just kept thinking about how I would love to do this — manage a sports section — full-time. My friends from junior college remember my reliance on the white board, planning out issues weeks in advance. I can do that again now, something that’s not usually feasible in news.

While I’m still pretty worried about finding full-time employment after this temporary gig, I’m loving the taste of what I’m getting now.

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