Name game

Isiah Thomas, no relation to Isiah Thomas

When I’m working on a feature about a player, I love reading the player bios (usually a college athlete in this instance). Not only do I look to see how many student-athletes major in Kinesiology or Communication, I enjoy finding the interesting little tidbits. Like how a player enjoys going fishing in the offseason or how a BYU athlete is married with kids. Former Yankee pitcher Jim Bouton, in Ball Four, admitted that players liked to put bogus activities in their bios.

So I had to check Washington’s men’s basketball Web site when I repeatedly heard the name “Isiah Thomas” in a recent NCAA Tournament game against West Virginia. Isiah Thomas is a sophomore guard for the Huskies and has (almost) no relation to the eponymous Bad Boy and failed NBA executive. I looked. Then I found this little bit at the end:

named after the former Indiana and NBA all-star guard Isiah Thomas when his father, James, lost a friendly wager on a Lakers vs. Pistons playoff game in 1989 … the name was approved by his mother since she desired a biblical name.

Ladies… honestly, how many of you would allow your husbands to do something like this?

“Sorry honey, the Yankees won the World Series. I bet Jim and I lost. We’ve got to name the kid Joba. I know you were pretty set on Joshua, but…”

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