Some Halloween freebies

  • I saw some UOP girls wrapped up in foil at the local Chipotle, then saw an ad at the counter that
    It's huge, and it's free tonight

    said if you dressed up like a burrito (albeit from 6 p.m. to closing), you’d get a free burrito. If you’re hungry and lack a costume, there you go!

  • Taco Bell is trying to market their new Black Jack Taco by giving them away after 6 p.m. tonight. No costume necessary, but you do have to go to a Taco Bell. This could be a dealbreaker for some.
  • AAA is offering its “Tipsy Tow” program for Halloween, in an effort to keep drunk drivers off the road. Check it out.
  • If I find anything else, I’ll post it here. Also, check out Michael Finney’s awesome consumer blog.

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