Happy Halloween from the courthouse

So, I’m waiting in the Stockton courthouse for the latest Melissa Huckaby hearing, and something catches my eye as I’m talking with a couple other reporters.

Blurry camera phone evidence after the jump…

_Device Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00104
No, this is not bigfoot

Sorry about the shoddy picture quality. The camera on my Blackberry isn’t that great. A guy dressed up as a prisoner, with an orange “Department of Corrections” jumpsuit and all… at a courthouse. When I first saw him, I was like, uh… should he be out there? Then I went in for a closer look because, really, there couldn’t just be an inmate strolling around the courthouse.

It was just a costume. There was a witch right by him, so that was the give-away. But the guy in the inmate costume was yuking it up with a couple of security guards, leading me to believe that this was just a joke. But still… while funny, isn’t it a little inappropriate.

The inmate guy wasn’t the only Halloween practicioner, as a couple records clerks got into the fun too. One was a yellow peanut M&M and another appeared to be a dark angel. Good to see that people can have a little fun today.

I’m dressed up as a busy reporter — an ensemble complete with notebook, pen and recorder.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from the courthouse

  1. I used a digital recorder today. I didn’t get to shove it in anyone’s face and ask embarrassing questions, though. Sad.

  2. Today I dressed up as a photojournalist! My ensemble was complete with 2 cameras, 2 lenses, my dorky clothes and my 3 year old “photography” shoes!

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