Moving, etc.

It was a rough weekend, but I made it up to Stockton without being carjacked. Imagine that!

I can now add to my list of places in which I have lived.

Once again, in no particular order:

Currently – Stockton, CA

Born – Walnut Creek, CA
Antioch, CA (like 5 places)
Pittsburg, CA (2)
Hercules, CA
Clayton, CA
Concord, CA
Oakley, CA
Castroville, CA
Salinas, CA
San Diego, CA (College Area, Lemon Groveish area, Ocean Beach, La Mesa)
Auxvasse, MO (2)
Stevensville, MT
Missoula, MT
Darby, MT

I do get around, don’t I?

And you’d think after all this, I’d be a little better at the whole moving thing, right? No. It’s still quite an ordeal. Of course, I didn’t really help things by waiting for the last minute, but oh well. It just seems like anymore, half of what I own is in a box somewhere. It’s frustrating at times.

Anyway, I made another move recently. I went from sports, where I have, in essence, majored for the past few years, to news and features. It’s a weird feeling, having a 9-to-5 and not having to work into the night. There’s no deadline game stories that take up my entire evening. While I absolutely loved covering those games, the ones that left me working ’til 11 or so, it’s nice to be able to leave the office at around 5 and be done until the next day.

I need to find something to do in Stockton now that I have this free time at night.

Plus my employers, the Tracy Press, are amazing. Just simply amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever worked for a staff as funny, caring and dedicated as them. I’ve been on staff for three days and I already feel like a seasoned Tracyite. So far, I’ve just been doing the police blotter and setting stuff up for my print “debut” next week. There have been some interesting things going on in Tracy, apparently. I’m gaining a more intimate knowledge of the city than I thought I would. When the blotter goes online, I’ll have to link a few.

I promise I won’t desert this thing like I’ve done so many times. Now that I’m out of school, I’ve got some time to kill.

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